To be more effective, AIRMAP decided to organize in thematic research groups. These groups have as object to enhance specific aspects of research in public management.

The first group is formed GRT PILOTE: management policies and territorial public organizations .

Other groups are currently being structured/organized.


Economic intelligence can be defined as the whole of all monitoring operations of the competitive environment including: control, information security, influence. Lobbying, also called strategy or political action refers to the activity of attempting to influence public decision by an organization in order to obtain or maintain a favorable environment. Economic intelligence is a public policy issue as much as lobbying contributes to shape public decision. We have a question mark with both the actors and processes at the heart of public management.


These two subjects, fundamentally linked by their very definition, are yet rarely addressed together. A lot of ink has flown on lobbying and economic intelligence: they regularly are the subject of press articles and professional books either denunciating or laudatory as well as parliamentary reports[1] with the recommendations more or less implemented. It would however be a pity to let journalists, consulting firms and parliamentary assistants seize such a subject. The thematic is complex and source of fantasies and must be precisely captured by researchers.



This thematic research group is based on the reflections of a workshop at the AIRMAP symposium of December 5 and 6, 2012 at the University Paris 2. The group intends to meet during each AIRMAP symposium but also to function transversally with other disciplinary associations such as the AIMS or AGRH. A first result GRT result is the book edited by ESKA entitled ” Intelligence économique et lobbying au crible des valeurs publiques “ to be published in June 2013.



  • Frank BOURNOIS, University Paris 2
  • Madina RIVAL, CNAM, Paris


  • Mourad ATTARCA, University of Versailles St-Quentin
  • Nathalie BORDEAU, ESCP
  • Frank Bulinge, ISC Paris
  • Hervé CHOMIENNE, University of Versailles St-Quentin
  • Lucile Desmoulins, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee, DICEN-IDF
  • Rémy in February, University Paris 2
  • Pascal JUNGHANS, Skema Business School
  • Thomas Lamarche, University Paris 7
  • Norbert LEBRUMENT, University of Auvergne
  • Nicolas MOINET, IAE de Poitiers
  • Bertrand Monnet, EDHEC Nice
  • VERY Philippe, EDHEC Nice